Excluding noodle dishes, all dishes include rice and vegetables. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Chapchae Noodles

Php 85.00

Chapchae is the most popular noodle dish in Korea and also one of the most popular dishes in the Kitchen Knight menu! Glass noodles, beef and vegetables stir-fry to perfection!

Chicken Bulgogi

Php 85.00

Traditionally made from thin slices of marinated beef, bulgogi is one of Korea’s most flavourful dishes. Kitchen Knight’s version is made with slices of chicken fillet marinated in our own soy concoction that keeps it as flavourful as the original.


Php 85.00

A signature Korean dish that literally means “mixed meal”. Made from rice mixed with ground pork, vegetables, chili paste and topped off with a sunny-side egg. You will definitely keep coming back for more!